Psychological Services
Recreational Programs

Our families were given a unique opportunity by ADHC to design and implement a model of accommodation for our sons that was an initiative in NSW. In the 4 years of its operation, it has proven to be a success for the health and well being it has restored to our families. It is a model that both the NDIS and our families are very proud of, and one that we feel very strongly about promoting as a complete model of management and care for families who are caring for a child/children with severe autism.

Currently we rent a privately owned 4 bedroom house in Oatlands, NSW. All 3 boys have lifelong conditions of severe Autism and Intellectual Disability, and none of them will ever be able to live independently without full time care and support. For all 3 of them, a Disability Support Pension will be their main source of income throughout their lives. Once they all graduate from Specialist Disability schooling, they will transition to centre based, non government operated day programs, where their time will be occupied with a range of activities that will reflect their capabilities.







Our charity is unique in that it is operated by a small number of people who are directly impacted by the stressors of, and who understand the needs of people with autism, and their families.


Our charity addresses the challenges of caring for children on the severe end of the autism spectrum, by recognising that in order to keep families together, our children require permanent, fully supported, custom built homes. This ensure their health and well being is maintained, and their independence develops.