We are a not for profit, family governed organisation, managed and operated by three families whose sons have low functioning autism.


Our 3 sons, Noah, Julian, and Joseph, have very complex needs which significantly impact on their ability to communicate; to develop safe social skills; to reach their cognitive potential; and to develop independence in all areas of their development.


The boys all require highly specialised care, care that is not able to be provided by their families, at home.


In 2013, the State Department of Ageing, Disability, and Home Care (ADHC), agreed to fund a model of accommodation for our sons that aimed to keep our families together. The model addressed what our sons needed to thrive and be happy, as well as what our families needed to keep functioning well, both physically and emotionally, in order to keep loving and caring for our children, that would ensure best outcomes for everyone.


Our vision is for our sons, and other individuals living with autism, to have secure, purpose built, permanent accommodation, and to live in a safe, stable, consistent environment where they can thrive. They will have sustained access to services that promote their development, and ensure their inclusion in all aspects of life, including family relationships, wider social relationships, and community participation.


Our charity seeks to address the shortfalls in the current funding structure and in doing so, seeks a positive future for people living with autism. Our values embody hope and equality by acknowledging that those affected by autism have a right to make choices that best serve individual needs, maintain dignity, nurture independence, and allow them to reach their potential, so they can contribute to their community in a positive and meaningful way.



The soul of our charity is one of hope and equality. It seeks a positive and bright future for people with severe autism. It recognises that people living with autism, and their carers, have a right to make choices that best serve their needs, that maintain their dignity, and nurture their independence.


My name is Joseph, although I can’t talk much I am learning and have devices and support to help me.


I go to Karonga Special Needs School for special needs and have learnt how to swim, communicate, share, garden and one-on-one interaction.


I hope one day to have a dwelling to live for the rest of my life and would like stability and consistent routine to develop and learn.


I have many skills and a great sense of humour. My favourite activities are bushwalking, swimming, and cooking barbecues.


I want to better understand the world I live in. My long term goal is to reduce my anxieties so I can build stronger relationships, and access activities in the community that make me happy.


I am a friendly, active boy who loves the outdoors and engaging with people and making others laugh. I have an infectious smile that endears me to many.


My long term goal is to be able to regulate my emotions and behaviours so that I can access and participate in community activities safely.